Think Carefully Prior to Playing Keno

Keno is a game of pure speculation and is very close to Lotto games. The game was brought over to the U.S. by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. As with lotto games, it’s a very easy to play, and it is enchanting as large fortunes are available for very small wagers. Keno is played at lounges, clubs and rec center all over the planet today. Unfortunately it shares another weak point with lotto games – horrendous odds.

Logically, Keno happen upon its way into online casinos as it was a simple game to create, and internet casino operators wanted to entice the large land based Keno players on the internet. What was even more in the favor of online casinos was that many gamblers were accustomed to playing Keno on electronic screens, so the move on to the internet was less of a problem than say with twenty-one.

So here is how you enjoy Keno. You begin by choosing between four and ten numbers from a total of eighty numbers. Each choice is referred to as a "spot". In many internet keno games, you can purchase countless tickets for the same draw, and in some games you can even pre-order for future games.

Once you have submitted your selection, 20 balls with numbers will "enter" into a hopper from a tube. If enough of your numbers are picked, you win. That is all there is. You will obviously amass more, if more of your spots are landed on, like with lottos.

Most internet keno games allow you to buy tickets between 5c and 5 dollars, and pay out in multiples of your card value. Jackpot fortunes of up to 50,000 dollars are not uncommon.

Easy? Yeah. So there has to be a catch? Yeah. The house edge with Keno is 30% or more, the WORST of any internet casino game. The chances of hitting a number is 0.25%. Keno is by a long margin the awful game you might possibly play. If you are seeking a game of speculation wager on slots.

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